Breathe less to improve your Health

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We’ll learn how breathing less helps you feel better, sleep more soundly and stay warmer on a cold day. Over time you’ll be able to exercise more easily and effectively and reduce anxiety dramatically just by restoring your natural, automatic breathing. It’s the most powerful tool for good health you can own and it’s yours. For life.

Gordon Myers

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on a cold winter day.

About Buteyko Breathing

Breathe less to improve your Health

A central tenet of the Buteyko Breathing method!

Dr. Konstantin Buteyko developed his breathing method in the 1950’s in post war Russia. The signature noisy and heavy breathing of the very sick and dying Lead him to discover this simple but powerful path to good health through healthy breathing. The Buteyko Method is for everyone and involves exercises to decongest the nose, switch to nasal breathing along with exercises to restore functional breathing patterns. (Progress can be determined by a simple breath-hold test called the Control Pause.)

Over the past number of years, the Buteyko Method has shown to be efficacious in helping improve a number of breathing-related problems including:

·      Respiratory: asthma, rhinitis, hayfever, sinusitis

·      Neurological: Anxiety, stress and panic attacks

·      Childhood development: dental health, craniofacial development and ADHD

·      Sleep-disordered breathing: insomnia, snoring, central sleep apnea, obstructive sleep apnea

Programs and Fees


A 30 minute session designed to inform the client as well assess the needs of the client. The evaluation helps determine the appropriate program for each client.

The standard program is appropriate for most clients and can be taught privately or in small groups of three to six people (see price schedule). It consists of five 1 to 11/2 hour sessions over one or two weeks. Two weeks to a month after the last class there will be a follow up class or call (as time and schedules allow) to check on the clients progress. Anyone who has completed the standard course with me is welcome to come to another of my classes as a refresher free of charge. I will always answer any questions you have for me just send an email or call. All clients under the age of 18 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all classes.

Covid 19 Protocols

All classes will be virtual (Zoom) up until we have the OK from Public Health to return to normal.

Special Pandemic Zoom rate

6 week course (1 class per week) $106.19 + HST

About Gordon Myers

My difficult relationship with breathing goes back to childhood. Household and seasonal allergies starting preschool age and getting worse until I reached the age of 13 when I developed full blown asthma. Summers were fine but the rest of the year was asthma season. When I moved to Toronto from Halifax to pursue a career in music the change of environment helped but I still required a regular dose of the latest asthma meds to get through the difficult months.

Fast forward to 2011. Thanks to the introduction of inhaled steroids to treat asthma my symptoms had become quite manageable. Unfortunately, along the way I had developed high blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems, sleep apnea, cold hands and feet and anxiety. My breathing’s fine right? No asthma, sort of. The meds treated the symptoms but not the cause. Enter the Buteyko breathing method. Chronic hyperventilation or over breathing caused the asthma and played a big part in creating the perfect environment for many other ailments. Through a good friend and Buteyko instructor I was introduced to the perils of over breathing and the relatively simple path back to normal, healthy breathing. Simple but still a lot of work. I did the work and found the results so remarkable I decided to study further to become a Buteyko Breathing Method educator.

In 2017 I decided to step back and focus on my own health as my Parkinson’s disease (with me since 2008) was getting worse and in need of attention.  Change of diet, the addition of high intensity exercise (nose breathing only), and stealth prescription drug use have all helped to control Parkinson’s symptoms and have made it possible to consider getting back to helping people breathe. Over breathing, mostly through the mouth, is everywhere as people try to deal with the stress of a pandemic. Never has the need been greater for a healthy breathing check. How’s your breathing?

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